2007seoul, tokyo

Shinkenchiku international residential competition, 
jury_kazuhiro kojima, 2nd prize

collabolated with joonheon kim



이 집은 현재를 살아가는 한 사람의 ‘생활’에 관한 이야기다.
집이 생활을 담는 그릇이라면, 집은 생활에 의해 규정되어야만 하건만,  우리는 거주와 소유의 가치 사이에서, 타인에 의해 규정된 집의 의미를 의심 없이 누리고 있다. 연속되는 순간순간의 현재는 나의 ‘생활’이 되고, 생활하는 과정이 곧 ‘집’이 지어지는 순간순간이다. 과거와 현재의 이미지 속에서 , 내가 있는 시점이 모호하게만 느껴지는 혼돈의 지금에서도, 나의 삶은 여전히 ‘서사적’이다. 서사적으로 구축되는 집, 그 것은 나의 ‘생활’에 따라서, 죽을 때까지 변하지 않을 것 같은 나만의 방을 가질수도, 가볍디 가벼워 날아다닐것 같은 정원을 가질수도 있다. 집은 더 이상 정지된 덩어리가 될 수 없다는 것을 의미한다. 그것은 나의 ‘생활’이기 때문이다.

This House is a story about a person's 'Life'. 
Supposing that the house is a plate to put one's life on, it should be defined based on the life of the person who lives. However, in between residential and possessive value, we're just living with recognition of no doubt that defined by others. Every moment of present becomes part of the life. And every moment of the life becomes constructing a house. Even if I am confused between images of the past and the present, my life is still in progress. According to my life, constructing the House in sequence can have the very individual room that feeled unchangable, or the very light garden that feeled floating on the air. That means the house can be no more fixed mass. Because it's the ‘Life'. 



date 2007.10
type housing
status competition
publication新建築 2007年12月号 / JA 76 WINTER, 2007
#2. rules.
a person has only one point in the time and space coordinates.
activity makes boundary on the time and space coordinates.
3.activity (*2 boundary)
an activity programs a space.
a person uses a space;room for an activity.
4.a house (*3 activity)
a house : bundle of activities
5.organization (*4 a house  *1 point)
fixed organization usually has remainder.
re_organization possibly reduces remainder. (*3 activity  *2 boundary  *1 point)
a room : possiblity for accepting the continuous and multi_layered families.
a family : grouping by an activity 
7.infrastructure (*6
rooms are spreaded on the existing infrastructure include transportation,
global positioning system and human network.
8.collective activities (*7 infrastructure  *6  *4 a house)
1_ players are living in the infrastructure.
2_ spreaded activities;room can be collected on demand.
3_ overlapped activities can be shared on demand.(family)
4_ boundaries of life can be overlapped.
9.meta_structure (*8 collective activities  *4 a house)
activities that be collected by one's demand become a personal life_cycle as it is.
each personal life cycle constructs network between spaces;rooms,
and the system becomes the house as it is. (*9 meta_structure  *8 collective activities)
the traces of constructed life_cycle are weaved in society.
the process for constructing a house is making another layers that mean
social network on the existing infrastructure. 
*10 cloud 
*9 meta_structure  
*8 collective activities 
*7 infrastructure 
*5 organization
*4 a house
*3 activity
*2 boundary
*1 point
*0 house rules being life.
the system of this fluxable and multilayered house creats redefined social value.