2008world heritage

collabolated with joonheon kim


다가올 과거

우리의 인식체계 안에서 모뉴먼트가 어떻게 작동되고 있는가에 대한 이야기다. world heritage란 타이틀은 퍼블릭을 그 자신에게 끌어들이는 힘을 가짐과 동시에, 그 자신을 파괴(훼손)시키는 딜레마에 빠지는데, 이러한 현상은 보호와 경험을 동시에 충족시켜야 하는 해답을 요구한다.

upcoming past

This story is about the way how the monument is working in our cognitive system. The title of the world heritage falls into a dilemma between having the force that attract the public to itself and destructed itself by the public. In this present situation, it requires to be sufficient both protection and experience at once.



date 2008.07
type public space
status competition
location world heritage
All of the world heritages are situated on the every different situation, and without doubt, also the situation, the monument, and the boundary are on the every different & various grade of surroundings. ex) grades should be protected..
The boundary works for protecting the heritage as a barrier, a fence, or as the site having different levels. And also according to the gradient and height of there, it works not only the protection but also be a controller to the selected experience of senses. Moreover, if the boundary's added some architectural elements, it can form a space providing  various experiences. And these properties on boundaries are decided variously, like as all of world heritages are situated on the every different situation. The boundary having the meaning of reorganized experience, while the situations of a  various condition are blended, has a possibility for firming the area of the monument and also fitting into the function as the barrier. And it can make an area of a vague boundary by making a little gap. The barrier itself become a programmed path, and which is also makes a sequence of an experience. In addition, it might to be a device that design the density of feeling as it divide area vaguely between public and monument again.
It's not about the strategy forming the boundary. It's just the respectation about relation between the present and the monument.